Whole Body Detox

Whole Body Detox


Whole Body Detox provides homeopathic tonification of the organ systems and promotes drainage of the excretory pathways.   Increases, or stimulates energy flow along a meridian or to stimulate discharge of waste matter from the body.

HWM Liquescence formulas are specifically design to prepare the body for toxin excretion and assist with proper drainage. Whole Body Detox opens elimination pathways and supports emunctory functions (serving to carry waste out of the body) ; consequently, it is a valuable component of any detoxification or cleansing protocol.

This formula is ideal for highly congested or sensitive people and/or in cases where elimination through secondary pathways such as the skin or mucous membranes is present (i.e. rashes, eczema, etc.).

Directions For Use:

  • Adults 15 drops orally, three times daily.
  • Children under twelve one half adult usage.
  • Do not take 15 minutes before or after of consuming food, beverage or brushing teeth.


Citrus limonum




Taraxacum officinale


Galium aparine


Carduus marianus


Lobelia inflata




Berberis vulgaris


Nux vomica


Ceanothus americanus


Veratrum viride










Magnesia phosphorica


Hepar sulphuris calcareum


Lacticum acidum


Plumbum metallicum


Carduus marianus 3x 
Specific relation to vascular system, assists in drainage of liver and gallbladder

Ceanothus americanus 6x 
Spleen support and drainage

Veratrum viride 6x 
Congestive states, especially of the lungs, difficulty breathing

Plumbum metallicum 12x 
Intestinal congestion, urinary tenesmus

Magnesia Phosphorica (Phosphate of Magnesia) 6X
Used in exhausted, tired and mentally fatigued patients; generalized muscle weakness. Brain and nervous system stabilizer. Anti-spasmodic remedy.

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (Hahnemann's calcium Sulphide) 8X 
Facilitates lymphatic drainage. Recurrent glandular swellings, lymph con-gestion and mucous membranes; sensitive to stressors and known for its use in mercurial exposure, depressed mental state.

Lactic Acid 8X
Assists in the mobilization and excretion of excess lactic acid.

Citrus Limon 1X
Remedy for numerous ailments; contains vitamin C to boost the immune system; powerful effect on the circulation and the blood; cooling, anti-inflammatory.

Uva Ursi (Bearberry) 2X
Acts as a diuretic in the kidneys and is known to inhibit microorganism growth. Effective for the amelioration of inflammatory conditions affecting the urinary tract.

Taraxacum (Dandelion) 2X
Used for detoxification and as a general cleanser. Indicated for dyspepsia, jaundice, cholecystitis, and atony of the bowel. Specifically assists the liver in detoxification and is used in hepatic and biliary stasis.

Gallium Aparine (Clivers) 3X
Excellent lymphatic cleanser affecting the liver, intestines and skin. Acts on urinary organs; diuretic, astringent.

Schisandra 3X
Aids in improving acute and chronic liver conditions due to its hepato-modulating effects. Assists in regulating Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways. Used in cases involving chemical toxicity and exposure. Acts as a tonic, supporting adrenal function and improving mental, physical, and sensory performance. This herb has been found to strengthen the lungs and kidneys and reduce fatigue.

Lobelia 3X
Used as a respiratory herb; is an expectorant, lymphatic cleanser and diuretic.

Tylophora 3X
Similar in action to lobelia in that it stimulates the adrenal cortex, affects the lymphatic and immune systems and is a bronchodilator.

Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper) 3X
Stimulant & tonic for those in a weakened state; suppresses the inflammatory process; diuretic and potent stimulant for the whole body; antibacterial; promotes sweating.

Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry) 3X
Acts upon the venous, kidney and liver systems; indicated in those who are listless and apathetic.

Nux Vomica (Poison Nut) 3X
Aids in cases of liver congestion. Indicated in individuals who have over-indulged, affecting the liver and digestive systems.

Adrenal 6X, Brain 6X, Heart 6X, Intestines 6X, Liver 6X, Lung 6X, Lymph 6X, Kidney 6X, Spleen 6X, Thyroid 6X (all of which are New Zealand Glandulars)
Low potency sarcodes supplying enzymes and co-factors for tissue support and strengthening. Includes sarcodes for all emunctory pathways and support of organs and systems potentially compromised during detoxification.

 Inactive Ingredients: 

  • Purified Water 
  • USP Alcohol 20%

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