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Evoke is Proud to announce that we are moving into a brick and mortar space in downtown Bend, Oregon across from the Box Factory. We are now called the “Evoke Healing Space Bend”. Here is a little of who I am becoming:-)

I am an Oregoinian and I hale from Portland, but the first 7 years of my life were spent on a wheat and cattle ranch in Umatilla, Oregon. My grandpa was a real cowboy, but my father was a city man and we headed back to the city of Portland.

The city was a shock for country girl of 7. I smiled to much, I told the truth, and I knew how to look a person in the eye. I knew where babies came from and I learned how to deal with death because of animals at the ranch. I was tuff, but in a country way:-). I soon adapted to city life and learned not to look directly at people or smile at them and say hi. When your in the country you are aware of what is around you at all times and it is the same in the city, but for different reasons. I was a poor kid, I went hungry sometimes, I was on the street late at night because no one was home. But listen up! Out of all those hardships I learned to thrive and become the person I am today. I would not trade any of it, although at the time it was a bit much:-)

Fast forward…I spent 35 years in the medical field as a board certified Histologist, while I raised a daughter that I am incredibly proud of and who continues to amaze me and teach me about the changing world around me from her age perceptive. I now have a beautiful granddaughter of 18 who is blooming into a wonderful young woman.

In my late 40’s my brother died of lung cancer. They used experimental drugs on him until he died. I have been into a holistic lifestyle since a very young age, but when he died a light switch went off in me. This lead me to pursue my knowledge of health which brought me to a journey with food and homeopathics as medicine. I am the owner of Evoke Formula that thousands of people have used for weight management. I learned how to run a successful business from the ground up and worked long hours 7 days a week until I finally hired an assistant. I have worked hard all my life and I enjoy it:-)

I have many certifications because I love to learn. I want people to know that I took the time to learn as much as I could that was available in these specific fields. I have always been a cutting edge kind of person and I love being a front-runner and a pioneer. I enjoy helping people find their joy in life and letting go of the itty bitty shitty committee, because I have spent a lifetime doing it myself and I know where the door knob is to open the door “Quick” to freedom instead of suffering. That is why I do the “Life Changing Skills” at the Evoke Healing Space in Bend. I am not perfect and I don’t want to be.

This is a wellness center, but we want people who are interested in health, not perfection. I drink wine, I eat all kinds of food and I do my best to make sure it is the healthiest food I can get my hands on, whether I am eating out or at home. We will be bringing in guest chefs from our community at the healing space to teach people how to cook. NOT how to diet. Everyone knows how to do that. We will include everyone, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Meat eaters a like:-). No one way is the right way.

I am not a doctor nor do I want to be, but I have a great deal of respect for them. We all have our place in helping people to heal their, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical challenges. Our knowledgeable team is here with cutting edge tools to help with pain no matter where it comes from. Our cutting edge medical machines, such as: Deep Tissue Laser Massage Therapy, Hyperbaric Chamber, Colon Hydrotherapy, Homeopathic Formulas, Essential Oils, and Life Skills Coaching. Evoke Healing Space can help with any “itis”inflammation, sports injury, or arthritis. We include the mind because it controls what we think and what we continue to think is what we create. When we fill our brains with thoughts of invalidation, sadness, and fear we create dis-ease.

Living in Bend is s joy for me and in many ways has been like returning to my roots from Umitilla. I love the people here. I like the fact that they screech to a halt when you step into the street, they smile and are kind, they do say hello, they live hard and play hard. I always see someone laughing and did I mention the sunshine:-)

So my intention here is to create a place of community, because that is what Bend has done for me. Given me a place where I feel like I belong. The 1 ton rock called the Greeters came first. Then I realized that people would want to come and see the smoky quartz and spend time with it. So my wonderful husband (Paul) and I decided to put in a yard and benches, so you could come and visit. The yard will have plantings in the spring but for now it will have rock pathways, benches to sit in and in the back alley there will be a table and firepit. Please come and enjoy and watch us create a little park to walk, stroll and sit for a spell:-)

Our team is made up of the most incredible healing people. We all know we came here to do this and it is no mistake that we found each other here at this moment in time. I call Becki “Giggler” she sees joy in everything and she can do cranial sacral like it is on steroids, and laser therapy that transcends the photons being transmitted from the laser through her hands. Joanna, is the wise one, regal yet incredibly down to earth and the most disarming person I have ever met. I think she must need that since she does Colon hydrotherapy.

At 70 I bring my vision of “Love & Power, based on POWER TO…..power to create a new kind of sharing...power to discover a new paradigm for living...and power to birth into being new possibilities for the coming age of Peace and Enlightenment”. France Hart. 

Come step in for a spell and let us show you our magic:-)


Donna Kerley, HTC #3615, HT(ASCP)

Evoke Healing Space Bend, Founder, Scientist, Author and Teacher

Honesty and Transparency,

While Creating Community



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